Coinmerce Exchange

Go for the ultimate trading experience with the new Coinmerce Exchange!

From now on, Coinmerce is not only a broker, but also an exchange. This means you can place your orders directly, keep an eye on the rates, see the order books and much more.

Low fees

Take advantage of our large selection of as many as 300+ cryptocurrencies combined with an extra-low fee starting from 0.20% per transaction.

Registered with the DCB

Coinmerce is registered with De Nederlandsche Bank (Dutch Central Bank), and has all licences to trade and store crypto in the Netherlands. Thanks to our secure storage, you can leave your tokens with us without any worries.

High liquidity

Thanks to our high liquidity we can offer you a better price for both small and large orders, even during volatile moments

Frequently asked questions

How does Coinmerce Exchange work?

From now on, Coinmerce will have two different environments. Coinmerce Lite (the Coinmerce environment you're used to) and Coinmerce Exchange. There are some differences between the Coinmerce Exchange and the Coinmerce Lite environment. For example, Coinmerce Exchange has its own order books and a live chart. Our exchange works pretty much the same as other well-known exchanges. On the Coinmerce Exchange it's only possible to buy crypto with USDT. At the moment, you can only place spot market orders on the exchange. Limit orders will be added soon.

What's the difference between Coinmerce Lite and Coinmerce Exchange?

In terms of functionalities, Coinmerce Lite and Coinmerce Exchange are pretty much the same. However, on the exchange you can also trade USDT coins and you can view the order book and live chart. In addition, the fees on Coinmerce Exchange are lower, from 0.2%. In the Coinmerce Lite environment, fees start at 0.5%. At the moment, it's not possible yet to buy all the coins we have listed on the Coinmerce Exchange. These will be added as soon as possible.

How do I buy crypto on the Coinmerce Exchange with my Coinmerce Credits?

It's not possible to buy crypto with your Coinmerce Credits on the Coinmerce Exchange. To buy crypto on the Coinmerce Exchange you can deposit USDT or buy USDT with your Coinmerce Credits in the Coinmerce Lite website.

Can I store my cryptocurrencies on the Exchange?

Yes, your crypto coins will be stored in the same way as before. The crypto coins in your portfolio will also be available to trade on the Coinmerce Exchange.

How can I withdraw my cryptocurrencies from the Exchange?

There haven't been made any changes in depositing and withdrawing crypto coins. This will remain the same way you're used to.

How come the price I saw on the Exchange is different from the price at which the order is executed?

Although the order is pushed through immediately, there is always a delay in creating the order and executing the order. Due to the volatility of the market, there may be a difference in the chart price and the price at which the order was executed. Also, the fee you pay is included in the price as well. 

What is the minimum order size?

The minimum order size for orders on the exchange is €10.

What about the order limits?

No changes have been made to order limits. These are still €10,000 per transaction, trading volume is unlimited. The withdrawal and deposit limit is still €20,000 per day and €60,000 per week for verified accounts. It is also possible to go for Coinmerce Pro verification if you need higher withdrawal and deposit limits.

What are the trading fees on the Exchange?

The trading fees on the Coinmerce Exchange start at 0,20%.

How long does it take for a transaction to be processed?

The transaction will be executed immediately after you placed the order.