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You can invest in bots at Coinmerce. Algorithms that trade for you based on market trends and signals


Algorithmic trading

Pro traders use algorithms to think and trade faster than a human ever could. “Bots” are able to trade faster than humans based on tiny market movements.

Algorithmic trading Rank Army Creator

Performance is measured in profit/loss percentages. The trading is continuous, so gains compound.

Because we combine 10 different trading algorithms with a higher risk in this bot, the bot is more balanced in terms of risk profile than the individual trading algorithms.

The mind behind the money. Follow your favorites.

The Future is Here

Coinmerce bots are simple to use, but before you start, you should learn about the risks and exactly how they work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bot?

A Bot is an established trading strategy for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. A Bot works through a computer program designed by traders and developers. A Bot is developed based on indicators: market trends and signals.

What makes trading with bots different from manual trading?

No time or inclination to always keep an eye on the price, but still want to make purchases at the appropriate times? A Bot automatically looks for buying and selling moments based on a chosen trading strategie. This means that all you have to do is turn on the Bot and it will do the work for you.

What are the levels of risk?

Our Bots are divided into three levels.

1)Defensive: Let this Bot trade with the certainty that you can‘t make quick losses. Note that this also reduces returns.

2)Aggressive: The risk of trading with an aggressive Bot is many times higher than with a neutral or defensive Bot. This applies both up and down. Decide beforehand whether this risk suits you.

3)Neutral: This Bot suits you perfectly if you can't choose between the above mentioned Bots. The neutral and defensive Bot trades less frequently than the aggressive bot and uses a smaller portion of your bet to mitigate risk.