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    The mission of the Project Jarvis+ is to empower everyone and organizations in the world, so that users can be masters of their own data and knowledge, and can be shared, exchanged and used fairly and equally in order to accelerate the development of science and technology and bring universal well-being to society, using the interaction of natural languages to embrace blockchain and the intelligent economy. When knowledge and data are fully respected and circulated, everyone can freely exchange value, then the giant bondage and inequality will be eliminated eventually. Everyone and every organization are free to have more knowledge and data, which contribute to artificial intelligence more intelligent and make the internet is more dynamic and more inclusive. To achieve this mission, the project Jarvis+ will combine artificial intelligence and blockchain technology organically, easily embedded into the community and adopted into any scenario, revolutionizing existing patterns and experiences of knowledge and data usage. There are two stages to achieve this mission. At the first stage, Jarvis+ will be an intelligent tool and service platform to help everyone and every organization serve the user community and allow knowledge and data to be precipitated and accumulated; at the second stage, Jarvis+ will provide a decentralized economy platform


    Founded 2018
    Industry Financial Service
    Website Site
    Location Singapore


    Rank 1339
    Market Cap 194.58 K
    Trading volume 138.3 K
    Circulating 67.6 M
    Fundraising 3.9 M


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