Coinmerce will stop Bots, what now?

Investing via Bots will soon no longer be possible at Coinmerce. Our Alpha Defensive, Neutral and Aggressive Bots will therefore be deactivated. Have you invested in one of these? Then don't worry. We will explain more below.

Why does Coinmerce stop the Bots program?

We are not going to renew the partnership with the Bots supplier. This is because there is a lot of uncertainty about this regarding the use of Bots around the new laws and regulations related to MiCAR.

When will Bots be deactivated?

From Tuesday April 23 2024 we will no longer support Bots on our platform.

What will happen with my money?

Your investment in Bots will be returned to you to Coinmerce Credits on 23-04-24 (euro balance).

Will I be compensated?

When deactivating Bots, we normally apply an exit fee of 1.5%. We will cover these costs for you. In addition, your Bots balance will be paid out in euros.

Can I still redeem my Bots for other crypto?

No, your Bots balance will be converted into your euro balance. However, you can use this to buy any of the 350+ coins on our platform that you want.