What are the fees on Coinmerce?

Transaction costs
The trading fee at Coinmerce is calculated by an algorithm and depends on a number of factors including volume and order size. The fee starts from 0.2% for the Coinmerce exchange and 0.5% for Coinmerce Lite. Sometimes for cryptocurrencies with very low volume, the fee may be slightly higher. When this is the case, you will always be notified in advance!

With limit orders, it is unfortunately not possible to tell in advance whether a slightly higher fee will be charged. For this reason, you may not be notified of this in advance. However, this only occurs with cryptocurrencies with very low volume. So with popular coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum this does not occur. By activating the limit order the user agrees to this condition.

Charges on withdrawal and deposit
For sending cryptocurrencies over the blockchain, you will also need to consider withdrawal fees and gas fees. These transaction fees vary from network to network. Some are free, but most of them are not.

Below are some examples of transaction fees and minimum withdrawal fees:

Coin Minimum withdrawal Transaction costs
Bitcoin 0.001 0.00021
Ethereum 0.0098 0.001008
Cardano 10 0.84
Tron 2 1.05

Depositing cryptocurrencies on Coinmerce is free. However, make sure you add enough of the specific cryptocurrency when you issue a withdrawal to cover the fees and have it processed on the blockchain.

How are prices calculated?
Coinmerce is linked to a number of different exchanges. This allows us to compare these different exchanges and check for the best price available at the time to offer you the best deal. At Coinmerce the price you see at the time of buying or selling is the price you pay or receive for your cryptocurrencies. So the price that is ultimately displayed on the order confirmation consists of the price including the transaction costs. So that you know right away what you are paying and how much you are getting for it. We refer to the idea behind this principle as: 'What you see is what you get!'