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Coinmerce launches bots: automated crypto trading

Coinmerce launches bots: automated crypto trading

You don't have to look at crypto charts yourself anymore. Coinmerce is introducing bots, a new product that will make automated trades for you.

Bots are always looking for the best trades. They recognize market signals and react to them immediately. Bots never sleep.

How it works

Bots use algorithms to trade quickly based on market trends and market signals. Automatic trading allows bots to trade faster and better than humans. Besides that, bots never sleep and continue to make money when you sleep.

Three bots

Over the past few months, Boosting Alpha has developed three bots specifically for Coinmerce. Three balanced return-risk trading strategies are available through three different bots: aggressive, neutral and defensive. The three bots track the most popular crypto coins in the top 20 or even top 50. That popularity is based on how much money is in that particular coin worldwide. That's called market capitalization, similar to market capitalization in stocks. The aggressive bot also trades popular Decentralized Finance (DeFi) coins outside the top 50.

Trading based on an algorithm

You never really think about it, but algorithms influence your daily life. The search results in Google, what you see in your Instagram feed and which video YouTube recommends you to watch are just a few examples. In recent years, those algorithms have gotten better and better. Not only are they getting more intelligent, they're also getting faster.

Why bots?

Algorithmic action isn't new. In fact, the concept of algorithms dates back to the year 800! It hasn't been easy at all. Before, if you wanted to get started with bots or algorithms, you had to give external party access to your account, take extensive steps or connect an API. From today, it's easy though! On Coinmerce, you can easily choose a bot that suits you.

What are the risks of bots?

The bots have been extensively tested for 12 months and have shown wonderful results in this time. You don't pay a transaction fee when you activate the bot or when it makes a loss. The exit fee is 1.5%. In addition, a variable fee is charged for profitable trades.

When does a bot stop?

You can stop the bot easily and at any time. You can do this easily in the overview screen on the website or in the app. The value of your bot is then immediately converted to Coinmerce Coins (equal to the euro).

Are bots safe?

Bots don't have access to your account. A bot only has access to the API keys, with which it trades. You are fully in control of your own funds. To properly secure your account, please use a unique and strong password and enabling two-factor authentication (2FA).

About Boosting Alpha

Boosting Alpha is a provider of trading technologies using the latest scientific approaches. Boosting Alpha develops high-quality trading strategies for various assets based on artificial intelligence (AI), quantitative finance and unique data combinations.

What are you waiting for? Give your money a future with Coinmerce's automated trading bots! Use automated trades to make money while you sleep. For answers, you can find the most frequently asked questions here.