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Pro Account at Coinmerce

Pro Account at Coinmerce

The European Anti-Money Laundering directive requires us to categorize risk into different levels. With the account level system and underlying transaction limits, Coinmerce is more effective at estimating and controlling the risk of money laundering. With a Pro account you have tailored made limits and verification is performed by providing:

  • 1. Proof of address (for example a utility bill which clearly shows your full name and address, not older than 3 months)
  • 2. Source of funds (fulfil the document and add the required information/documentation for your situation)
  • 3. Finally, a video call will be planned to determine the limits.

Interested in a Pro account?

Are you a high-roller or a so-called whale? Please create a Verified account and fulfil the entire verification process, afterwards forward the documents (1. Proof of Address & 2. Source of Funds) to [email protected]


Limit (1D)N/A€20.000custom
Limit (7D)N/A€60.000custom

Source of FundsNoNoYes
Proof of ResidenceNoNoYes