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    Nexus is an innovative open-source, advanced, and trusted digital ledger, designed to improve the world through advanced peer-to-peer networks and digital currency. Nexus focuses on solving the current challenges of speed and scalability in the blockchain industry, and Nexus also provides world-class quantum security through its many innovations. Enabled by its partnership with Vector Space Systems, the future of Nexus will also combine blockchain technology with ground-based MESH networks and satellites to facilitate the formation of a decentralized internet. Nexus shall enable people to take control of their personal and financial freedom empowering humanity in the process.


    Founder Colin Cantrell
    Founded 2014
    Industry Aerospace
    Website Site
    Location United States of America


    Rank 284
    Market Cap 13 M
    Trading volume 232.17 K
    Maximum coins 78 M
    Circulating 64.67 M
    Fundraising 0


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