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    The Po.et token is a blockchain-based platform designed to keep track of ownership and attribution of digital creative assets. It is also intended to become a universally distributed ledger for digital assets, including text, photos and videos. Po.et helps video makers protect their material. Po.et also helps publishers verify the authenticity of content for publication and because content is usually verified individually, publishers have relied on legal staff in the past to filter appropriate material.

    Po.et was set up in 2017 within BTC Media, a publishing and marketing company that focuses on the blockchain space. Co-founder of BTC Media, Tyler Evans, was frustrated about the labor-intensive process related to license content. The Po.et team currently consists of 30 employees including CEO Jarrod Dicker who previously served as the president of innovation and commercial strategy at The Washington Post.


    Founded 2017
    Industry MediaEntertainment
    Website Site
    Network Ethereum
    Location Singapore


    Rank 395
    Market Cap 7.02 M
    Trading volume 1.09 M
    Circulating 3.14 B
    Fundraising 10 M


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