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    Populous is a peer-to-peer platform built on blockchain technology that offers small to medium-sized companies an easy way to bill. It is focused on transparency, security, speed and the use of patented smart contracts to connect sellers and lenders.

    Populous established in 2017, is a London-based project managed by Stephen Williams. While Williams is not a big name in the crypto industry, it is the founder of Olympus Research, a company that specializes in commercial data and business-oriented analyzes.


    Founder Steve Nico Williams
    Founded 2017
    Industry Finance
    Website Site
    Network Ethereum
    Location England


    Rank 145
    Market Cap 25.52 M
    Trading volume 8.63 M
    Maximum coins 53.25 M
    Circulating 53.25 M
    Fundraising 10.22 M


    Twitter Site
    Linkedin Site
    Github Site
    Youtube Site