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    Security is very important in the crypto industry. This applies to both Nano & Bitcoin and smart contract platforms such as NEO and Cardano. And just for the latter, Quanstamp wants to mean something. Quantstamp has a currency (QSP) that is used as a reward for finding security risks in smart contract code. Security experts thus receive QSP for writing code that can detect security risks and leaks.

    Richard Ma is a former software engineer at Tower Research, where he developed software that handled millions of dollars with safety tests. He was inspired to start Quantstamp after he had invested in the DAO and had experienced the aftermath himself. Richard wants to secure the future of blockchain technology through the Quantstamp protocol.


    Founder Richard Ma
    Founded 2017
    Industry Audits Consultancy
    Website Site
    Network Ethereum
    Location United States of America


    Rank 368
    Market Cap 8.42 M
    Trading volume 161.15 K
    Circulating 617.31 M
    Fundraising 0


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