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    SONM is a platform for decentralized cloud computing. With SONM, users have access to general computing services of a cloud-like nature, including IaaS and PaaS, all of which have cloud computing as the back end. Users from all over the world can rent computer power to other users.

    The SONM blockchain platform was established in 2016. The management of SONM is co-founder Sergey Ponomarev and CTO Igor Lebedev. SONM uses the Agile Development Framework with a self-organizing, multifunctional team. In addition, SONM has divided its development team into subteams based on the functional aspect of platform architecture. These include Node (Core), Smart Contracts, Wallet (Client) and Distributed Entity and Integration.


    Founder Aleksei Antonov
    Founded 2016
    Industry Cloud Computing
    Website Site
    Network Ethereum
    Location Singapore


    Rank 497
    Market Cap 4.86 M
    Trading volume 226.16 K
    Circulating 359.6 M
    Fundraising 42 M


    Facebook Site
    Twitter Site
    Github Site