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WePower wants to design the direct distribution of green energy through its own platform on which the exchange between generator and user can take place. Thanks to the link with blockchain and smart contracts, the administrative and financial side is also immediately covered securely. Payments go in the form of so-called WPR coins which are sold by the energy generators.

WePower Network was founded in January 2017. Nikolaj Martyniuk co-founder and CEO of WePower has been working in the energy sector for the last 10 years, building energy and solar power plants. In addition, he has been busy selling green energy to the end users.

WePower is not an entirely new project and has been active for several years. The team has also been active on the (green) energy market for some time. For example, the technology team is led by Kaspar Kaarlep, formerly employed as CTO at Elektrilevi who were responsible for setting up the electricity infrastructure in Estonia. Incidentally, the WePower project is already supported by StartupBootcamp, one of the largest startup accelerators in the world.

The WPR tokens represent a certain amount of energy (1 WPR = 1 kWh), which is sold to the buyer or user. 0.9% of the tens are distributed via the platform. WePower also uses the Ethereum blockchain and is therefore a so-called ERC20 token. The total circulation is more than 745 million WPR.

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  • ICO
  • 2/1/2018 - 2/1/2018
  • $40,000,000

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