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SONM is a platform for decentralized cloud computing. With SONM, users have access to general computing services of a cloud-like nature, including IaaS and PaaS, all of which have cloud computing as the back end. Users from all over the world can rent computer power to other users.

The SONM blockchain platform was established in 2016. The management of SONM is co-founder Sergey Ponomarev and CTO Igor Lebedev. SONM uses the Agile Development Framework with a self-organizing, multifunctional team. In addition, SONM has divided its development team into subteams based on the functional aspect of platform architecture. These include Node (Core), Smart Contracts, Wallet (Client) and Distributed Entity and Integration. You can see the SONM platform as a place to buy and sell computing power. Suppliers can be companies and individuals with computer resources. SONM uses all kinds of modern PC resources, including the network, disk, GPU, CPU and RAM, so that vendors can rent out their various computer components via the platform. The SNM coin is used to rent the computer power and rent it out to users at the SONM marketplace. There is a total circulation of 444 million SNM coins.

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Information sur l'entreprise


Coin info

  • 359600000
  • 444.000.000
  • # 402

Collecte d fonds

  • ICO
  • 6/15/2017 - 6/18/2017
  • $42,000,000

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