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The focus of Ethos is mainly on user-friendliness, which could ensure that many people who were still hesitant up to now are on the cryptocurrency market. One of the user-friendly things about Ethos, for example, is that they have a universal wallet.

Shingo Lavine is the founder and CEO of Ethos and has created an impressive team of elite engineers and world-class executives for the Ethos opportunity. Ethos is the brainchild of Shingo and is very passionate about the mission of Ethos to bring cryptocurrency to the masses. Shingo is the author of the original Ethos Whitepaper "Democratizing Cryptocurrency." Shingo is an experienced technologist. Surprising names within the Ethos team are Tim Simmons and Stephen Corlss.

Ethos is a human-powered cryptocurrency platform. Ethos uses the power of design, technology and social intelligence to create a groundbreaking solution that allows everyone to participate in the new economy - giving back the power to people, where it belongs

Ethos is an access token that allows everyone to securely manage their portfolios, keys and coins for cryptocurrency. In total there is a circulation of more than 222 million BQX.

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Informazioni sull'impresa

  • United States of America
  • Website
  • 2016


Coin Info

  • 97621900
  • 222,295,208
  • # 261

Raccolta fondi

  • ICO
  • 6/28/2017 - 7/16/2017
  • $2,800,000

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