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Stratis is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform, developed to offer solutions that enable companies to use blockchain technology. The development platform gives organizations the opportunity to develop, test and roll out applications on the blockchain.

Stratis was founded by Chris Trew in 2016 and is based in London, England. Chris Trew is a consultant and architect in the field of technology with more than 10 years of experience within IT enterprises.

The Stratis platform makes it easier for organizations to develop a private (Stratis) blockchain or to develop / test / use applications on the public Stratis blockchain. This is because the platform is built for the .NET framework and developed with C #. .NET is a software framework that is built by Microsoft and forms the basis for a large part of all applications that have ever been developed. Applications on this framework are usually written in the programming language C # (C Sharp), the most important programming language for the .NET framework. The big advantage of this is that almost all software developers worldwide already have knowledge of C #.

Since the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of Stratis in 2016, the value of the STRAT token and the interest in the Stratis Platform has increased exponentially. During the ICO in 2016, 1 STRAT token was issued in exchange for 1129 satoshi (0.00001129 BTC), which at the time of writing equals approximately € 0.02. Less than a year later, on 1 July 2017, the market value of 1 STRAT 0.00249257 BTC stands. This was equal to € 5.42 on this date.

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  • ICO
  • 7/25/2016 - 7/26/2016
  • $590,000

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