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In the area of ​​blockchain technology, the next phase has now arrived and the third generation of blockchains is in the starting blocks. This third generation blockchain makes it possible for isolated blockchains to communicate with each other. Within the network, in fact, a protocol is used whereby "unequal" digital ecosystems can interact with each other. And that of course creates a new sea of ​​possibilities. AION blockchain is such a third generation. The AION network is capable of quickly processing information and logic and moving value from A to B, between different blockchains.

The AION network is being built by Nuco, a team founded by former ex partners of Deloitte blockchain. Mathew Spoke is the effective spokesman for AION, besides being the CEO of Nuco, he is a member of the board of directors of the EEA and he is a member of the long-term organization Ethereum Community. Nuco was founded in 2016 and was a major player in building blockchain solutions for companies.

A multi-layer system designed to address unresolved scalability questions and the framework in blockchain networks. '' Build the future you want ''.

AION carried out two ICOs and canceled a third ICO in December 2017. One ICO sold 30,000,000 AION coins and the second ICO sold 10,000,000 AION with a combined amount of $ 23,010,994.

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Coin Info

  • 336166000
  • 465,934,587
  • # 132

Raccolta fondi

  • ICO
  • Prossimamente - 11/24/2017
  • $20,000,000


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