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ARK is a popular cryptocurrency which focuses on a complete solution for the blockchain. The ARK platform can best be seen as a bridge between different blockchains. This makes it possible to exchange data between different platforms. ARK coins are easy to trade online at Coinmerce.

The project started in 2016 and was established in France, ARK already has a working blockchain product. Thoorens is the CTO and co-founder of ARK. He was one of the leading developers of the Lisk project before joining the ARK development team.

The team has already proven itself with a number of impressive projects such as Lisk and Crypty. Currently there is also a great demand for technology. SmartBridge currently has support for Ethereum, Bitcoin and Lisk.

ARK branched out from Lisk and carried out an ICO that took place between November 7, 2016 and December 11, 2016. Some considered the ICO of ARK as a failure, because they only gained 1,200 BTC from the previously envisaged 2,000 BTC .. The target was not achieved so the team offered the ICO participants a refund. Most refused this offer because they had confidence in the capabilities of the team. Despite the failure of the ICO, the team decided to continue with the project, which led to extreme returns for its investors.

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  • 113443000
  • 136,498,844
  • # 141


  • ICO
  • 11/7/2016 - 12/11/2016
  • $942,593

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