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Bitcoin Diamond

Bitcoin Diamond is a hard fork of the Bitcoin. One that was not announced, and that was a surprise to many people. This has not contributed to the name of the currency. People who look at their wallet in the morning do not immediately like big surprises and mutations that have not been announced. Bitcoin Diamond paid particular attention to the anonymous nature of the currency and the owners.

In 2017 two Bitcoin miners named Team Evey and Team 007 decided to call the network protocol. Bitcoin Core to change. They were not satisfied with the way Bitcoin developed and thought they could improve it. This fork took place on November 24, 2017 block 495866.

A problem with Bitcoin is that mining costs a lot of computer power. Miners on the Bitcoin network use powerful equipment called ASIC miners to perform their tasks. ASIC mines are often done in large warehouses with hundreds of machines. It is loud, expensive and can become very hot. This means that most members of the Bitcoin community can not mince Bitcoin because they can not handle the large mining operations. Team Evey and Team 007 find this unfair. BCD mining is simple enough for almost all users. BCD mining can already be done with the help of a GPU that can be found in every standard computer.

However, the biggest difference with Bitcoin lies in the number of coins that have been released. There are up to 21 million Bitcoin. Given the size of Bitcoin Diamond ten times this size, Bitcoin Diamond has no less than 210 million coins in circulation.

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