Online fraud is globally on the rise and some criminals use cryptocurrency platforms like Coinmerce to move their funds to pseudonymity. Coinmerce works tirelessly to prevent fraudsters from succeeding and is assisting authorities to catch these criminals. Once completed, orders are non-refundable as per the nature of cryptocurrency transactions. As such, we believe that every fraud that succeeds is one too many.

# Can I trust Coinmerce?

Yes. Coinmerce is a Netherlands-based company. We have a strict Anti-Financial Crime policy including procedures and filters. We collaborate with local and international law enforcement authorities to prevent crimes from taking place and assist in their investigations. In no way Coinmerce has any affiliation with the perpetrators of fraud and we strongly condemn their actions.

# What is Coinmerce doing to prevent fraud?

Most of our preventive measures happen behind the scenes. We do not disclose these measures as that would help fraudsters bypass our systems. What we can disclose is that Coinmerce follows best practices, European Directives and that we do identity checks before purchases can be completed. When in doubt, do not proceed with your transaction and send us email [email protected]

# A salesperson told me they represent Coinmerce or have a partnership with Coinmerce? Can I believe them?

There are companies that claim to be collaborating with Coinmerce or communicate that they are Coinmerce's business partners. In some cases, even private individuals claim to be Coinmerce's employees acting in this capacity. Always contact us here to verify personal data of an individual who claims any of the above mentioned before approving any transaction.

# If Coinmerce did not exist, would I not have been scammed?

Unfortunately, this is not true. Fraudsters have many venues to execute their cryptocurrency trades. In fact, if fraudsters use Coinmerce, there is a much higher chance that we notice and may be able to prevent the attempted fraud from happening in the first place. Coinmerce has sophisticated analytics tools to track funds.

# I just got scammed, what should I do?

First and foremost, reach out to us immediately to see if we can still stop the transaction. Be sure to mention the details of the transaction and any information you can provide us with. If we have not sent out the cryptocurrency yet we can return the funds to you. Make sure to file a police report. Simply call the police in your country, file an online police report or visit your local police station. It is important that you always report the fraudster and the fraud case to the police. Even if your funds are lost, it will help the police to prevent future fraud from taking place. Unreported fraud also skews the statistics, which means that law enforcement may receive fewer funds to help prevent fraud.

# How do I recognize a fraud?

There are a couple of tips to keep in mind that may help you in the future:

Always carefully read who you are sending money to. If it‘s a company, make sure the person is truly associated with the company by contacting the entity directly. Be skeptical. Does it seem too good to be true? It probably is. Furthermore, Coinmerce does not offer payment services and only you can be the recipient of the cryptocurrency. Do not trust a transaction that sends you to a third party website or service. Do no trust persons contacting and promising you unrealistic returns on investments. To check if you can detect a phishing attempt you can take this test designed by Google."

To prevent known fraud methods from occurring again, we intent to provide you with known cases. If you have been the victim of a fraud that is not listed here, please contact us by email [email protected] so we can add it to the list.

• You have been contacted by a person offering you an investment possibility.
• You are offered a job in which you should transfer money to Coinmerce, purchase cryptocurrency and send it to a client of the company you are working for.
• You have bought a product online.
• You are sending Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency for investment to a wallet owned by a third party. The party promises you consistent returns on your investment. Always make sure to research the third part thoroughly before sending them anything.
• You are in contact with a person regarding investment with a promised return. You are asked to first deposit 250 EUR, after which the person tells you that you are making a profit and should invest more.