I am unsure if a message I received was sent by Coinmerce. How can I make sure it is safe?

Nowadays, it is incredibly important to stay vigilant when surfing the internet. In the land of Cryptocurrencies even more so. That‘s why it‘s good to be weary of emails you receive, including emails you may receive from us.

There are a number of ways to check if an email was indeed sent by us. When you receive an email from Coinmerce, the sender‘s email address will always end with “@coinmerce.io”. The departments that are most likely to send you an email are Support and Compliance. They will use the email addresses [email protected] and [email protected] respectively.

If you are not 100% sure whether or not an email was indeed sent by us, you are always welcome to reach out to us to double-check. The easiest way to do so is to contact one of our colleagues from the Support department. You can do this by sending an email to [email protected], opening a chat on the website coinmerce.io, or calling us at +31 970 102 860 28.

Unfortunately, it is common for fraudsters and scam artists to use the names of legitimate parties to come across as legitimate parties themselves. Is a third party claiming to be affiliated or partnered with Coinmerce, and does this raise questions for you? You are more than welcome to reach out to our support department to be sure, we are happy to help you.

The security of our customers is and will always be our highest priority. For any case related to cryptocurrencies, you are most welcome to reach out to us, including matters that don‘t directly have something to do with Coinmerce. We would much rather answer 10 extra questions, than have 1 go unanswered! Additionally, we have a vast knowledge base and FAQ page, which you can use for research at your own pace. You can find this through this link.