What is VIDT DAO (VIDT)?

The mission of VIDT DAO is to certify and secure all digital assets to stop errors and fraud holding back innovation.

Why do we need it?

How are you able to verify that the lawful person/organization issued the edits of a particular digital file? Put differently, how is V-ID sure that the secured files are not fake?

V-ID creates a unique fingerprint of the authentic file and stores it safely on the blockchain. Any unlawful edit will have a different fingerprint which will reveal it's fake. The verification process can be achieved by using the drag & drop terminal or through the V-ID API. With an ordinary internet connection, it takes 5 seconds to verify a file.

V-ID helps you identify manipulated digital files which could harm your business by securing and verifying digital files.

Who founded V-ID?

Marnix van den Berg, a high skilled developer, founded the project in 2017. Now, there is an experienced and motivated team which works together for over ten years.

''We see daily reports about explosively growing cybercrime, data manipulation and identity theft in the media. We see blockchain as the key technology to make sure that our digital advancements as a society are not held back by sophisticated fraudulent activities.''

V-ID cooperates with companies like Nyenrode University, AmSpec and IBM to secure and certify digital files like certificates, invoices and diplomas.

Can I earn money with VIDT?

Yes, you can earn money by selling & buying VIDT. Sell for a higher rate than your purchase price. In the past, VIDT value has increased a lot, but also had some significant losses. Be aware that VIDT has proven to be volatile; losses can follow profits. Always trade responsibly.