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Bitcoin price of $20.000 incoming?

Bitcoin price of $20.000 incoming?

According to multiple analysts, the price of Bitcoin is set to experience a breathtaking rally. Fundamentals are looking good, and momentum seems to be on the side of the bulls.

The Bitcoin hash rate is currently at an all-time high, active address, and companies like Square and MicroStrategy are investing their company treasure in Bitcoin. Crypto asset manager Grayscale has hit a record of assets under management with $6,4 billion, indicating increasing interest from institutional investors.

New all-time-high incoming?

Analysts are stating that Bitcoin is poised to break the resistance of $12.000 and will not stop there. They anticipate Bitcoin will continue to rise until around the level of the previous high, $20.000, within three months.

Also, the Stock-To-Flow model creator is expecting a rise in the price of Bitcoin within the next few months. Important to note is that these are all predictions, but as we all know, Bitcoin is quite unpredictable.