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How can I avoid scams on Telegram?

How can I avoid scams on Telegram?

Telegram is a great communication platform for Coinmerce to engage with its users. Therefor some time ago we have decided to launch the official Coinmerce Community channel.

Unfortunately, there is an increasing number of reports of scammers posing as Coinmerce admins on Telegram. As the safety of our customers is always a priority, here are some tips that everyone should take note of, when on Telegram:

#1: Beware of fake administrators / employees on Telegram

In recent weeks, there have been a rising number of scammers impersonating Coinmerce admins. Coinmerce will never message you on Telegram, or any other communication channel except our official support email, [email protected]. Coinmerce's official support administrators on our Telegram channel are @Coinmerce, @Nicksvo @LucCoinmerce and @anthonylange.

Please be aware of fake profiles using those usernames in their bio. The names should always be assigned to the label username.

#2: Beware of private messages on Telegram

Scammers impersonating admins / employees on the Coinmerce Community group often reach out to unsuspecting users via private message. The official Coinmerce team will NEVER private message users first. If you receive a private message from an account you are unsure about, do not give out your personal data, instead contact us via [email protected] to verify the account.

#3: Do not share personal documents

Coinmerce will never ask for KYC documents, identity documents, selfies, or any other personal information outside of our website and mobile apps' KYC. Submission of KYC documents for verification purposes is made on the official platform only. Do not share any personal information or documents over unofficial channels.

#4: Do not share account information

We will never require you to reveal password or 2FA codes. Do not share this information with anyone.

#5: Beware of requests for deposits.

Scammers might ask you to deposit fiat or cryptocurrency into an account for account issues, or anything else that a scammer will claim they need your funds for. Deposits are only made via the official Coinmerce platform. Coinmerce will never ask for deposits. Any requests for either fiat or crypto deposits are NOT from Coinmerce.

#6: Be vigilant for dubious online offers.

If you are offered a higher-tier account or special secret trading privileges in exchange for deposits or payments of any kind, it is a scam. In order to protect your account and funds do NOT provide any personal data or account information.

If you are facing any problems or have questions, please reach out by sending an email or open a chat on our official website. To stay safe, ensure that you:

1. Contact us via our official support channels only. Contact us using [email protected] or the online chat for any account-related issues.
2. Do not share your personal details. Refrain from sharing account details, password, or 2FA codes with anyone.
3. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on your account. Never share the 2FA codes or backup secret with anyone.
4. Be vigilant and keep a lookout for suspicious activity. Immediately contact support if you notice any account activity that was not performed by you.