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Dutch government utilizing blockchain to help fight Corona

Dutch government utilizing blockchain to help fight Corona

‘Tech against Corona‘ as the consortium is called, is a group of around ten Dutch tech companies which will provide their government with innovative technologies and solutions to fight the spread of Corona, free of charge.

One of these companies is Tymlez, an organization specialized in distributed ledger technology (DLT). Tymlez developed a blockchain platform to layout the medical goods ecosystem in order to match supply and demand more efficiently.

The solution will help to counter one of the most controversial things happening right now in the medical industry—the significant rise in prices of essential products and goods by manufacturers and producers. The Tymlez platform enhances transparency significantly, thus reducing the chance and gain of value extraction by market players.

Other examples of tech companies coming to aid are:

Cybersprint – A cybersecurity firm providing their services to protect hospitals and investigating online scammers taking their chance amidst the crisis.
Taxion – An information security business which will coordinate online systems to organize volunteers and the work they are doing more efficiently.
Computica – An IT company improving the internet connection of people in the critical services that are working from home.

Recently also the Dutch Red Cross started to accept donations in the form of Bitcoins, following in the footsteps of their Italian colleagues who have done the same.