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Coinmerce has increased its Earn percentages by 38%.

Coinmerce has increased its Earn percentages by 38%.

Starting today, you can take advantage of higher Earn and Staking percentages. In addition, we are expanding our offering with 5 new coins. This allows you to generate a passive income on your assets on the Coinmerce platform. Don't miss out on our competitive Earn percentages, start earning now!

New Staking & Earn Coins

Two new cryptocurrencies have been added to Coinmerce's Earn program. Litecoin (LTC) and SHIBA INU (SHIB) were already tradeable on the platform, but can now also be activated for Earn.

In addition, three new cryptocurrencies have been added to the Staking program. Starting today, you can activate staking for Celestia (TIA), SEI (SEI), and dYdX (DYDX).

Staking & Earn

Staking is a great way to generate passive income through cryptocurrency. With staking, investors lock their crypto in a wallet specifically designed for this purpose for a certain period of time. By doing this, they contribute to validating transactions on the network and securing the blockchain. In return for this participation, participants are rewarded, often in the form of additional coins or tokens. Through staking, users contribute to the security and stability of the network they invest in.

In addition to staking, you can also enable Earn for your crypto holdings. In the Earn program, you lend cryptocurrencies to institutional investors and third parties. You receive rewards for making your assets available. The rewards are received in the same cryptocurrency that you have used for Earn.

How to enable Earn?

To use the Coinmerce Earn program, you need a Coinmerce account. Don't have an account with Coinmerce yet? Click here to create an account.

Once you have cryptocurrencies in your wallet, you can follow the following 4 steps to enable Earn for your assets.

Step 1: Log in to your account and go to your wallet.
Step 2: Search for the cryptocurrency you want to use for Earn and click on the three dots next to the coin. You can also activate Earn on the coin page.
Step 3: Click on "Earn."
Step 4: A screen with additional information will appear. Click on "Earn" to start.

If you don't have any cryptocurrencies that you can enable Earn for, but you want to, you can click on "Earn" directly when purchasing the cryptocurrency.

Curious about all the Earn coins and percentages? Check out our Earn page here.