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Meet Bitcoin

Meet Bitcoin

During these interesting times, with governments printing more money than ever before & the COVID-19 pandemic; economic independence becomes more important. The coronavirus has caused huge financial instability, and we are facing challenges we haven't experienced before. Which resulted in a search for reliable solutions to protect wealth. Precious metals like silver and gold used to be classic hideaway during uncertain times.

But, now a digital alternative has joined.. welcome Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a unique digital store of value which has proven to be viable in the past years. Hereunder some exciting highlights of Bitcoin;

1. Bitcoin is deflationary by design with a prefixed supply. On the other side, there are governments around the world printing trillions, the risk of hyperinflation is looming.
2. Transactions are fully transparent as they take place on a public blockchain ledger.
3. There are thousands of miners and people working on the Bitcoin network, it is the largest distributed computing network.
4. No bank nor government can control Bitcoin as transactions don't require any intermediaries.
5. Coinmerce is welcoming new users every day to buy Bitcoin, and institutions are turning millions into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
6. Transactions are irreversible, besides you have the power to store and safely protect your own assets.
7. You are capable of transferring millions, even billions, digitally all around the globe within minutes without having to touch a Euro.

Bitcoin is becoming increasingly scarce, will the demand outpace the supply? And will we reach new all-time-highs?

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Inflation Resistant

Irreversible payments

Prone to Counterfeit

Non-Monetary Use

Open Source

Limited Supply





Luc Smits van Oyen
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