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Why you should use Coinmerce to invest in crypto

Why you should use Coinmerce to invest in crypto

In the last months, we have seen massive interest from customers who are eager to learn more about the crypto market and how to buy Bitcoin.

Remember that uncle who thought you were crazy at the beginning now start asking questions about buying Bitcoin. Or some sceptical friends who want to buy their first crypto's as a result of the global COVID-19 crisis. Bitcoin & crypto's overall strong performance during the global crisis proved that digital assets aren't going anywhere. Which resulted in even more interest from investors.

With this increase in interest, we would like to highlight some of the reasons why you should choose Coinmerce to invest in the cryptocurrency market.

Ease of use:

Within minutes (depends on your country/IBAN) you can set up your account. As soon as you have created and verified your account, you can trade, deposit, withdrawal and store cryptocurrencies. The user-interface is continuously being optimized for the best user experience.

Fair pricing:

Since the start, we always worked through our fair price policy. That's being noticed by comparison tool Coincompare, who compare rates of 12 brokers and exchanges. Since March 2019, we ranked as the Best Deal Broker.

+140 Crypto's:

You can diversify your portfolio through our full range of +180 cryptocurrencies. Besides, we offer fundamental data of each crypto to consider investing even better.

Earn Rewards:

Refer your friends & family and get rewarded for each trade they make, a stunning 0,30% will be credited to your account.

Luc Smits van Oyen
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