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Mainframe is a blockchain based platform that is designed to be used by applications and networks to implement encrypted messaging systems. The first prototype application built for Mainframe is Onyx, a messaging application launched in December 2017.

Mick Hagen; founder & CEO of Mainframe. Mick is an entrepreneur, investor and consultant in the start-up ecosystem. After leaving Princeton University (computer science), Mick founded '' Zinch '', a tech company that connects students worldwide. Mick helped Zinch grow into an international, 8-digit start-up. After six years Zinch was bought by Chegg (CHGG, NYSE) for $ 45 million.

The system uses public encryption keys to allow parties to communicate with each other and exchange keys in advance that are then used to unlock the data sent between the two parties. Messages can also be sent with shared group keys, allowing messages to be sent between groups (for example, between two companies).

The MFT token is the token of the Mainframe network. Mainframe token MFT will be used to reward nodes that keep the network running. Nodes will receive rewards for the timely and efficient transmission of data, the delivery of data from sender to receiver and the provision of reliable decentralized data storage and services. In addition, MFT can also be used as an exchange of value on market places on the mainframe platform. MFT is an ERC-20 token and runs on the Ethereum blockchain. In total there is an edition of 10 billion Mainframe MFT coins.

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