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Binance Assets Transfer | FAQ

Binance Assets Transfer | FAQ

1. I missed the Binance deadline? What to do?

Good news, you can still redeem your assets. Follow this step-by-step tutorial in order to send your assets to Coinmerce.

2. I'm only registered with my phone number at Binance. How can I claim my assets now?

Binance has sent an "Inmail" to everyone registered with a mobile number only. You get here by following the following steps:
1. Log in to your Binance account via desktop/pc web browser.
2. Click on redeem and then "FAQ".
3. Click on the little bell at the top right.
4. Then select the message titled "Coinmerce Asset Transfer".
5. In this message, click on your unique link to link your accounts.
Binance will also send out a text message about this.

3. I cannot register or log in?

If you cannot register or create a password, it may be because you already have an account. This is also created automatically when you accept the pop-up. Please use the 'forgot password' function on the login screen. Please use the e-mail address that is registered at Binance. You will receive an e-mail from us with which you can log in again. Please wait one hour before logging into your account via the e-mail, this time lock has been implemented for security reasons.

4. My assets are gone from Binance but I don't see anything in Coinmerce yet, is everything OK?

If you have accepted the pop-up and your assets are no longer on Binance but are not visible in Coinmerce either, it means they are on their way. Although we receive the assets immediately and there is no risk of losing them, we need time to assign the right assets to the right customers. We ask for your patience in this regard, it may take up to a few days. If the assets have not appeared after a few days, this may be due to the fact that your e-mail address is not known to Binance. This can happen, for example, if you have always logged into Binance with your mobile number. In that case, please contact our customer service team.

5. I redeemed my assets but I can't see them in my Coinmerce account yet. How is that possible?

If you have redeemed your assets but they are still in Binance, this means that the migration of your assets has not yet started. Fortunately, this is a matter of time. However, in the meantime, you can validate that everything is in place by going through the onboarding at Coinmerce. You will see a banner in the Coinmerce dashboard informing you of the status of your transfer.

6. My EURO balance did not come along, now what?

Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to receive EURO balances from Binance due to regulations. After the 17th of August all remaining EUR balances have been converted into USDT. We  recommend manually transferring the USDT to your Coinmerce account. How to do this is explained in the video below:

7. Some of my crypto did not come along, why?

Privacy coins
Unfortunately, we cannot accept every cryptocurrency that Binance supports. We use our own listing process. A good example of this are so-called privacy coins like Monero and Zcash.

Of course, you can still send these from Binance to another wallet that does support these cryptocurrencies.

Finally, you may have BETH left in your account. Binance will transfer these to your Coinmerce account in early August.

8. My bank verification has been refused, now what?

This can have several reasons:
1. You are trying to verify a business account. Coinmerce only accepts private customers and therefore cannot verify a business account. Please try again with a private account in your name.
2. You are trying to verify a shared account. Here it may happen that we can only see the first name on the account. In this case, please send a photo of your bank card to [email protected] so we can verify it.
3. You try to verify an account that is not in the same name as the Coinmerce account. Unfortunately, we cannot accept this. Please verify an account in your own name.

9. My ID verification has been refused, what now?

Your ID verification can be refused for several reasons. Important things to watch out for are the following:

Make sure the ID document is legible, not over- or underexposed and no data is covered.
Make sure your face is visible in the middle of the screen in the selfie photo.

10. The ID verification stays on pending, what should I do?

If the ID verification is stuck or on pending, it could be because our compliance department needs to review it. You will have to wait until this message disappears. Is the verification still not approved? Then log in again and try it with another device. If verification still fails, please contact support on our website.

11. Why won‘t my ID verification work?

1. if you try to verify your ID via the initial Coinmerce email you received, this may not always work. We are working hard on fixing this issue. In the meantime we kindly ask you to login via and go your profile icon. There you should see a heading that is called ”Account Level”, where you can finalise your Photo Identification.

2. It is possible that your identification document does not get approved in one go, which means our Compliance department needs to look at it. In this case it can take longer for your ID to be approved. It is also possible it gets rejected, in which case you will receive an email with the reason why. Please try again after receiving this email.

12. What is the ”Source of Funds” email?

We request this information from you because we need to comply with our legal obligation to carry out customer due diligence. This means that for deposits above a certain threshold, we have to inquire about the origin of the funds invested.

Coinmerce is registered as a provider of crypto services with De Nederlandsche Bank. This means that we comply with the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act. Inquiring about the origin of customer funds is a standard procedure in this regard. Please note that the information you provide will be handled with the utmost care and confidentiality by our Compliance department.
For requesting your Source of Funds information, we use Paperform software. This means that the link to the questionnaire contains a reference to Paperform and is not spam.