Focused on people

Coinmerce was founded in 2017 by a small team in the Netherlands. Our focus is on you, the real person using Coinmerce. We welcome all experience levels and focus on safety and turning beginners into pros.

Focused on people
Close knit team


We started Coinmerce to provide a simple way to manage cryptocurrency. Since then, we have grown the platform and our community without losing sight of our mission; cryptocurrency for everyone, everywhere.

Core Principles

Coinmerce is growing and expanding thanks to our focus on simple core values. At the centre of these is the simple fact that without our community, there is no Coinmerce.

Core Principles
Trust and Integrity

Trusted integrity

The safety of the platform and our services is paramount. As a Dutch provider, we always offer more, are one step ahead. Our reliability is evident in everything we do, our expressions, our actions, but also in our transparent relationship with the users. We call this quality.


Accessible for everyone

We respect our users and stand for the best possible experience. We are everywhere and accessible to everyone, in understandable language. Regardless of power, input or experience. If possible, we add to it, we believe that that's where we make the difference.


Gut feeling

We're on our own course. We do not choose left or right but follow our feelings. As a practical expert, we think in terms of the user and ease of use. We always want to be better, smarter and offer even more value to our users. Some call it impulsive, we call it instinct.


No regrets

Anyone who avoids risks automatically loses the chance. That's why we don't regret the things we've done. We see this as an investment in ourselves to stay ahead. It's not up to us to set the limits of our users but to safeguard ours.


Innovate together

We combine our strength. Don't believe in different disciplines, but in the power of teamwork. It suits us and actually goes without saying. We never stand still and continue to develop within ourselves, the platform and our users. We always want to do better, to be at the forefront of what is already there.



Transparency is crucial, especially in this industry. We deal opening and honestly with our community and in every interaction.


Thanks to our partners, we are able to offer our users the best experience. 

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