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    Bitcoin Cash is a blockchain project which is the result of a so-called hard fork (separation from Bitcoin). A hard fork sometimes occurs when part of the community disagrees with the state of affairs or planned changes. The Bitcoin community has spent years discussing what needs to be done with Bitcoin to become future proof and above all, scalable. One group felt that Bitcoin should stay the way it was because this was how Satoshi Nakamato intended it to be. On the opposite side, they felt that things needed to change in order to reduce the now sky-high transaction costs and transaction time. That last group of people were the ones who are now behind Bitcoin Cash. This group split off on 1 August 2017 and started its own blockchain. Bitcoin Cash was born. Bitcoin Cash is faster and cheaper than Bitcoin. However, like all cryptocurrency, it has its pros and cons. For example, Bitcoin Cash is more central than Bitcoin.



    Rank 4
    Market Cap 6.92 B
    Trading volume 6.02 B
    Maximum coins 21 M
    Circulating 18.28 M