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Boosting Alpha


About Boosting Alpha Aggressive (BA-BOT-3)

Boosting Alpha Aggressive (BA-BOT-3) is a collection of 10 aggressive trading algorithms designed to maximize profit within the shortest time. This design results in a high-risk rating. The different algorithms focus on a selection of higher market cap, crypto assets and are constantly on the lookout for good entries and exits. All of the algorithms use Tether (USDT) as a base pair. Once a good entry is found, the algorithms will use this currency to acquire the cryptocurrency. In turn, once the algorithm has decided to exit, the cryptocurrency is sold for the basepair to secure profit. Compared with the other two bots: Boosting Alpha Neutral and Defensive, the Aggressive bot has a higher maximum drawdown. Because we combine 10 different higher-risk trading algorithms into this bot, the bot is more balanced in terms of risk profile than the individual trading algorithms.