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    What is ChainLink?
    ChainLink forms an intermediary with blockchain platforms and smart contracts . ChainLink ensures that data that can not be found on the blockchain can be retrieved to conclude smart contracts . The project this through so-called Oracles . Oracles are hardware or software that form the connection between the physical world and the digital blockchain world. Smart contracts are automatically activated based on data from these Oracles .

    The CEO of ChainLink ( Sergey Nazarov ) was previously the co-founder and CEO of Secure Asset Exchange and CryptoMail , both companies offering decentralized solutions.


    Founder Sergey Nazarov
    Founded 2017
    Industry Smart contracts
    Website Site
    Network Ethereum
    Location USA


    Rank 12
    Market Cap 1.44 B
    Trading volume 485.56 M
    Circulating 350 M
    Fundraising 32 M


    Twitter Site
    Github Site
    Medium Site