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    Contentos is a blockchain protocol that aims to form the foundation for a decentralized digital content ecosystem that empowers all members, including creators, consumers, and advertisers, to earn a fair comission for their work. Contentos also intends to establish itself as the new Ethereum of digital content, accepting content DApps of all kinds. Social media offers the opportunity for every user to have a platform dedicated to the promotions of their own visions of the world at large. The current content ecosystem is run by centralized platforms that depend on advertising for revenue. Content creators are, therefore, pressured to produce content that is approved by advertisers instead of following their creative muses and expressing themselves freely. The constraints inherent to ad-driven content platforms begs the question of just how much freedom of expression is actually allowable.

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    Founder Mick (Chang-Chieh) Tsai
    Founded 2018
    Website Site
    Location China


    Rank 330
    Market Cap 10.4 M
    Trading volume 5 M
    Circulating 1.16 B
    Fundraising 31.23 M


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