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    DENT is a blockchain company that builds a global marketplace where everyone can trade mobile data. DENT blockchain uses the DENT token on its network. The company behind Dentcoin is called DENT Wireless Ltd. The aim of the company is to "free" mobile data by enabling everyone to buy, sell and donate data via the Ethereum blockchain, which is central to the use of this marketplace. Naturally, mobile data has become a valuable necessity in recent years. It is an important commodity for people in developed and underdeveloped parts of the world. Through the DENT ecosystem, users can communicate with each other via a blockchain-based platform to buy, sell and donate their unused mobile data. Do you regularly use more than your data plan? Or does it seem that you never use the enormous amount of data? Whether you are buying or selling mobile data, DENT can change the way your telecommunication plan works.


    Founder Alexi Lane
    Founded 2014
    Industry Finance
    Website Site
    Network Ethereum
    Location Singapore


    Rank 178
    Market Cap 17.23 M
    Trading volume 525.35 K
    Circulating 79.27 B
    Fundraising 26.7 M


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