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    Golem is a new technology that wants to decentralize computer power. Golem has the potential to function as a global supercomputer. At Golem it is possible to rent the capacity / computing power of a supercomputer, paid by the Golem coin (GNT). The application runs on the blockchain network of Ethereum.

    In the Jewish folklore the Golem originated to become a versatile being with infinite power and potential. This is the ideal metaphor for what the Golem cryptocurrency is trying to achieve with its services. Golem wants to offer the world computing power so that they can create solutions for many urgent questions and problems that are urgently needed.


    Founder Julian Zawistowski
    Founded 2016
    Industry Cloud Computing
    Website Site
    Network Ethereum
    Location Poland


    Rank 82
    Market Cap 66.19 M
    Trading volume 8.87 M
    Circulating 980.05 M
    Fundraising 8.6 M


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