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    Holo is a bridge for people to move towards ever greater decentralization and autonomy. But since Holo has to communicate with the centralized systems of today, some parts of it are also centralized. This is therefore not a typical crypto project. We have already built a fully distributed platform in Holochain. Now they want to bring it to the mainstream. Holo is the bridge to get there. The Holo ecosystem depends on hosts that handle the processing and storage of distributed applications while earning redeemable credits.


    Founder Eric Harris-Braun
    Founded 2017
    Industry Smart contract platform
    Website Site
    Network Ethereum
    Location Germany


    Rank 55
    Market Cap 121.78 M
    Trading volume 9.76 M
    Circulating 162.54 B
    Fundraising 20.3 M


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