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    The Internet of Service project is a blockchain protocol and offers its users a platform on which they can exchange online services and digital goods in a decentralized manner. As the name implies, the IOST blockchain hosts an infrastructure that supports a service-oriented ecosystem. In addition, the IOST protocol allows developers to implement large-scale dApps that can support large numbers of users at the same time, something most current protocol block chains cannot. What distinguishes IOST from competitors such as Ethereum and NEO is the focus of the project on scalability solutions. Scalability barriers are currently haunting in the blockchain industry, which is a serious barrier to technology to achieve critical acceptance. People will not switch to blockchain technology if it means slow transactions, unusually high costs and low throughput.


    Founder Jimmy Zhong
    Founded 2017
    Website Site
    Location Singapore


    Rank 76
    Market Cap 71.93 M
    Trading volume 64.57 M
    Circulating 12.01 B
    Fundraising 31.36 M


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