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    Kyber Network is similar to the 0x project, but instead carries out all actions on the blockchain. Centralized exchanges are under constant fire due to their security vulnerabilities and slow processing times. In some cases it can take days to withdraw your money from an exchange. Popular decentralized exchanges also have their flaws. They often do not have enough liquidity to support active trading.

    Kyber Network was launched in August 2017 with a clear mission: direct transfers and conversion of digital assets and cryptos with high liquidity. The first real live walk was in February 2018.


    Founder Loi Luu
    Founded 2017
    Industry Liquidity provider
    Website Site
    Network Kyber
    Location Singapore


    Rank 78
    Market Cap 72.86 M
    Trading volume 14.32 M
    Circulating 173.48 M
    Fundraising 49.3 M


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