Blockchain & Real-Estate

Real-Estate represents a significant portion of the world economic asset and transaction activity. With increasing valuations of Real-Estate and ongoing development around the globe blockchain-tech ready to optimize this overall industry & asset category.

The distributed ledger-tech has the capability to improve the operations retail and commercial Real-Estate. Improvement through tokenization, automation, and access to real-time data & information. Currently, the global Real-Estate industry consists of several independent networks with little to no mutual collaborations.

The blockchain-tech presents a solution to optimize this current model. Through improving transparency & data accessibility and, reduce costs & human mistakes.

Future of the Real-Estate industry

Tokenization, probably one of the most innovative advantages of introducing blockchain-tech into the Real-Estate industry. Through tokenization (digital-assets), there is the possibility to split-up ownership of real-estate, funds, revenue, and voting rights. The knowledge of professionals remains crucial to Real-Estate buyers, although the processing of assets, documentation, accounting, and management will surely change.

Records & Contracts, blockchain-tech can replace the current (outdated) paperwork. Through the distributed ledger it‘s possible to share & secure data, documents & assets. So-called, smart contracts enable automated and traceable legal agreements on the blockchain. This enables a single source of truth and, easier, faster and cheaper transactions of property ownership.

Investment funds & asset managers, benefit from the automation and real-time data providing by the blockchain-tech. However, due to the above-mentioned tokenization new business models (fractionalized ownership) will rise with reduced costs. The onboarding process of (new) investors, so-called AML/KYC processes will be optimized through mutualized blockchain networks. Which fill results in; reducing costs, more transparency, verified background checks, and improved security.
Organizations around the globe see the potential of the blockchain-tech to create global Real-Estate platforms, which improve sales and transparency in data & information.

Use Cases

Platforms like Reinno give investors the possibility to invest in commercial real estate such as residential blocks and industrial buildings starting from €5.000. Another example; there are 150 apartments for sale in the Aston Plaza & Residences, Dubai, that can only be bought with Bitcoins.