What is Band Protocol (BAND)?

Band Protocol is an oracle platform that aggregates data and connects smart contracts to real-world data. Blockchains are excellent at fixed storage and deterministic, verifiable calculations. Band Protocol enhances smart contract functionalities by granting them access to reliable data without any central points of failure.

An example are DeFi applications which need external price feeds and data. Due to the built-in price oracle of the Band Protocol developers can build DeFi apps with an absolute peace of mind that the price feed is tamper-proof and robust. The flexible oracle design of the Band Protocol allows developers to use any sort of data, for example; weather, random numbers, sports, etc.

The infrastructure is designed to be compatible with most smart contract frameworks. It does the heavy work of pulling data from external sources, aggregate it, and bundle it into a format that‘s easy to use and verified efficiently over multiple blockchains.

How can I use BAND?

The Band Protocol uses the BAND token to pay Band Protocol Node operators for the retrieval of data from off-chain data feeds, data formatting, off-chain computation, and uptime guarantees they provide as operators.

Who founded Band Protocol?

In 2017, the project was founded by Soravis Srinawakoon, Sorawit Suriyakarn and Paul Nattapatsiri and the HQ is located in Bangkok, Thailand. Band Protocol is backed by several companies such as; Sequoia Capital and Binance.

Soravis Srinawakoon (CEO)

- Boston Consulting Group
- Forbes‘ 30 under 30

Sorawit Suriyakarn (CTO)

- Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
- Hudson River Trading, Quora, Dropbox

Paul Nattapatsiri (CPO)

- Tripadvisor, Turfmapp
- Creator of crypto games with 800,000+ users since 2013

Can I earn money with the Band Protocol (BAND)?

Yes, you can earn money by staking & trading Band Protocol coin (BAND). Buy low, sell high. Band Protocol can be used to trade against other cryptocurrencies. In the past years, Band Protocol price has increased enormously, but also had some huge losses. Always trade responsibly. Buy and trade Band Portocol (BAND) at Coinmerce