What is Coinweb (CWEB)?

If we want blockchain technology to take the next step, something will have to be done about interoperability. Interoperability refers to the cooperation between different blockchains. By nature, blockchains cannot interoperate with each other because they all use different technologies.

Coinweb (CWEB) is a cryptocurrency that aims to solve the interoperability problem. They do this through a cross-chain platform that connects different blockchain projects together.

What is Coinweb?

Because each blockchain works in a different way, they cannot interoperate with each other. For example, different protocols and techniques are used, so an asset cannot be exchanged between each other.

Coinweb is a project that aims to bring all blockchains together, in order to close the gap. This is done through Coinweb's Inchain architecture on layer 2. In this way, blockchains, no matter what consensus mechanism or token protocol they use, can interact with each other.

How does Coinweb work?

Coinweb is a blockchain platform that works between several independent blockchains. The blockchains attached to the platform can interact with each other through Coinweb's platform. This is due to the inchain technology developed by Coinweb.

It does not matter what consensus mechanism, token protocol or other rules the blockchain uses. Coinweb ensures that the platform can read the data from a blockchain and convert it to the standards and protocols of the blockchain where the data is to be delivered.

Cross-chain token issuance

By means of Coinweb, it will be possible to send tokens across different blockchains. This is not normally possible, as each blockchain has its own token standard. For example, Ethereum uses ERC20, while the Binance Smart Chain uses the BEP20 protocol. Therefore, you cannot send USDC tokens over Ethereum.

Coinweb ensures that tokens are converted to other standards, making it possible for users to send an asset to other blockchains.

High-capacity smart contracts

It is possible with Coinweb to make smart contracts work between different blockchains. This allows DeFi protocols to receive more liquidity from different blockchains, which will make these types of protocols work much better.

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High-performance dApps

Coinweb allows dApps to move between different blockchains. This allows the best functionality to be achieved. Suppose a blockchain is very busy, and the processing time is a lot longer because of this, a blockchain with a low processing time can be used. This will also save on the cost users have to incur to use the dApp.

Because different blockchains can be used, new user possibilities will also arise. This will allow developers to develop more and better dApps, which otherwise could never be developed.


The technology devised by Coinweb is not new. Since the early 2020s, this technology has been used as a private blockchain. At that time, a proprietary cross-chain stablecoin called Starpoints was designed as a test. This stablecoin could be sent between multiple blockchain without any problems.

Coinweb Wallet

Coinweb's wallet is simple and can be used by anyone. In doing so, it is also proof that the technology developed by Coinweb works. Users can store different tokens and crypto coins in this wallet and assign them to different addresses. Then tokens can be exchanged with each other, and various banking options are integrated, including Visa, SEPA and Mastercard.

CWEB token

Coinweb has its own token, called CWEB. Before buying into CWEB tokens, it is important to always do your own research and not just take the advice of others. This way you will learn why an investment goes right or wrong, so you can adjust your strategy accordingly in the future.