What is Dent (DENT)?

Dent was founded in 2017. This is a provider that offers roaming free eSIM cards, mobile data plans and calling minutes. An eSIM card is a SIM card that you don't have to physically insert into a cell phone. Instead, you can enter the eSIM card's data into a smartphone, and then you can use the SIM card immediately.

Dent is not the standard phone provider. In fact, they are using blockchain technology to set up a global marketplace for mobile data. You may be asking yourself what that looks like in practice.

You can use Dent's services and products yourself by downloading the DENT App or by using the DENT Gigastore. In the DENT Gigastore, which is connected to the DENT ecosystem, you can easily and quickly buy and sell data packages. By selling data to other users, you provide others with mobile data and can earn money yourself.

In addition, Dent also has its own marketplace for the exchange of tokens and cryptocurrencies. From this marketplace you can manage your portfolio, place orders and analyze price data. DENT has also developed a decentralized exchange that can be used by anyone. This DEX is developed with the UNISWAP V3 technology and allows anyone to swap crypto tokens.

You can also contribute to the liquidity pool of DENT Swap to earn tokens. When you contribute, you lend your tokens to the DENT Swap, which other people can then buy on the DENT Swap DEX. As a reward, you receive tokens on the tokens you contribute.

Currently, Dent already has over 25 million users who can use the services and products Dent provides in over 140 countries. Telecom Infra, Samsung Blockchain and The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance are some of the partners supporting Dent in development and implementation of the project.

What can you use Dent (DENT) for?

Anyone who wants to access mobile data could use Dent. In some parts of the world, it is difficult or expensive to access the Internet. According to Dent, this causes the world to be divided. Everyone should have access to the worldwide web, according to Dent.

Dent deploys blockchain technology to ensure that everyone can use mobile data services in a fair way. So this is done in a completely decentralized way, allowing you to access the Internet from anywhere in the world. As a user, you no longer need to buy a new SIM card when you find yourself in another country. Also, you no longer have to deal with sky-high costs when you use your SIM card abroad.

Developers can also use the DENT Gigastore. It has a special Gigastore SDK (Software Development Kit). This enables developers to develop decentralized applications via an API that make use of the DENT features offered by the DENT ecosystem.

The DENT token

When you want to access Dent's services and products, you pay in the DENT App or DENT Gigastore with the DENT token. Indeed, all transactions must be recorded on the blockchain by participants of the blockchain network. They are paid with a portion of the transaction fees.

DENT tokens are also used on the crypto marketplace of DENT, as well as on the DENT Swap. When you contribute to the liquidity pool, by lending tokens to the platform, you can be rewarded with the DENT token. You can keep these tokens and use them to pay for mobile data, although of course you can also sell them for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.


There is a maximum inventory of 100 billion DENT tokens, not all of which can be traded. About 99.1 billion tokens (99.1%) are freely tradable. This number will increase over time, once Dent has put all the tokens into circulation. DENT tokens are distributed in the following way:

8.6% - Sold during the ICO;
30% - For strategic acquisitions, market seeding, salaries and bonuses;
61.4% - Released during the sale.

Where to buy DENT?

If you want to buy DENT, you can do so at Coinmerce. At Coinmerce, you buy DENT crypto tokens using iDEAL, SEPA, MyBank, GiroPay and credit cards (Mastercard and Visa). You do not pay any deposit fees for using these payment methods. You can also deposit euros to your Coinmerce account, and use them later to buy DENT coins. We will then convert your euros to Coinmerce Credits, which always have an equal value to €1.

You need to have an account at Coinmerce to buy DENT in Europe. If you already have an account at Coinmerce, you can buy Dent (DENT) here. In the purchase window you can specify how many DENT tokens you would like to purchase. Then you can place an order (market order, limit order or stop limit order). Coinmerce will execute the order, after which you will find the tokens in your personal Coinmerce wallet.

In which crypto wallet can you store DENT tokens?

DENT runs on Ethereum and uses the ERC20 token protocol. This is the token protocol used for almost every token on Ethereum. Therefore, you can store DENT tokens in any Ethereum wallet, such as Metamask. You can also store your DENT tokens in the Coinmerce wallet. We store most of our tokens on cold storage, which makes the tokens extra secure.

It is also possible to store your DENT crypto tokens in a hardware wallet. The cold wallets of both Ledger and Trezor support DENT.