What is Efforce (WOZX)?

Efforce is a company within the green tech and blockchain space. The business has been operating in stealth modus for almost a year, since the end of 2019.

Efforce is to become a marketplace which connects both private and corporate building owners with investors helping the owners to have their transition to green energy funded while generating profit for the investors.

In order words: Efforce is to be the first decentralized platform that allows everyone to participate and benefit financially from worldwide energy efficiency projects and create meaningful environmental change.

The team behind Efforce believes that the world is heading in the wrong direction. Worldwide CO2 emissions have grown exponentially, and as a result, climate change is impacting the way we live.

How does Efforce work?

Thanks to the decentralized marketplace that has been built using the Ethereum blockchain and smart contract technology, investors and project owners are able to trust each other without even knowing each other.

Imagine you are a small business owner in need of capital to make your operations more sustainable and greener. For example, changing all of your lightings to more eco-friendlier LED or installing solar cells on your roof. But where are you going to get this capital from?

Now imagine that you are someone with a little bit of capital being idle on your bank account. You would like to generate some profit on this capital, and would it not be great if you could help the world become more sustainable while doing so? Through Efforce, you can finance energy efficiency projects and get rewarded for it. The more energy has been saved due to the project, the higher the reward for you as an investor.

The Efforce team will carry out an analysis and participate in the development of the efficiency projects. They will estimate the required investment and the rate of return on investment.

Who founded Efforce?

Efforce has three founders, one of them being Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Since the start in 1976 and continuing success of Apple, Wozniak never started a new business, until now.

Jacopo Visetti and Jacopo Vanetti join Wozniak in this undertaking. Visetti is a former Harvard student with extensive experience within environment and energy markets. Vanetti is an experienced developer having had multiple CTO during the past few years.

How can I use Efforce?

As explained above, you can use Efforce to attract capital for your energy efficiency projects; on the other hand; you could provide financial support to similar projects.

Efforce vs other cryptocurrencies?

Using blockchain in the energy markets is not a new idea. Projects like Power Ledger and WePower have been around for some time; all be it that the platforms are quite different. Furthermore, there is the Energy Web Foundation (EWF) which recently launched their own blockchain for more efficient energy use. The EWF already has 100 backers, including Shell, Total, GE and Siemens. But again, the approach is very different in comparison to that of Efforce.