What is Gala (GALA)?

Gala Games (GALA) is a special project that contributes to blockchain gaming. This topic has become incredibly popular in recent years as various developers started to develop their own games on the blockchain. This gave the users of these games more control over their own data, and also allowed them to make money from playing games.

What Gala is, how blockchain gaming works and where you can buy and store the GALA token can be read in this article.

How does blockchain gaming work?

To understand what Gala is, you will first need to know what blockchain gaming is and how it works. It is a new form of gaming that has only been on the rise for a few years.

The blockchain

The blockchain consists of a network of computers that are connected to each other. These computers are basically a replacement for servers, where, for example, the data from social media platforms, banks, websites, games, etc. is stored. Each computer has an exact copy of this data.

The computers are interconnected and continuously check if the data on the other computers is the same as the data on their own computer. This makes it impossible for a computer to change the data to its advantage. The network would notice this immediately and the computer would be punished.

The moment someone adds data to the blockchain, the computers check whether this data is correct. For example, someone could make a transaction, but the performer must have enough crypto coins in his possession. If so, the data is added to the copy of the blockchain. The data is stored in so-called blocks, which are all connected to each other after compression. This creates a chain of blocks: the blockchain.

Blockchain gaming

It is also possible to store games on the blockchain. Computers then have a copy of the game's code that is executed as soon as a user wants it. Data produced by the game is stored on the blockchain. This gives users much more control over their own data. This is because there is no large for-profit company managing the data.

Such a company could sell users' data to make money from it. Because all the data on the blockchain is protected by cryptography, it is impossible for others, such as the computers in the network, to access the users' data.

What is Gala Games?

Gala, the abbreviated version of Gala Games, is a platform on which developers can create blockchain games and users can play blockchain games created on Gala. As a result, you could call Gala an ecosystem for blockchain games.

It is important to note that Gala Games is not a blockchain. In fact, it is an application that runs on Ethereum's blockchain. Within this application, developers can use the tools developed by Gala to create their own game, which can then be launched directly on the blockchain.

Gala is therefore useful because it makes it easier for people to develop a game for the blockchain. Once the necessary tools are in place, this can be difficult because it involves a lot of technical and specialist knowledge. The benefit is that people can develop their own games much more easily. Users can then also play many more new games.

Another advantage for developers is that their games can be found faster. Users can quickly search among all the games on Gala's platform. There is a good chance that they will also come across interesting new games after which they will decide to play them. Gala thus also partly helps with the marketing of the games.

Who is the founder of Gala?

Gala was conceived by Eric Schiermeyer, Michael McCarthy and Wesley T. Wright. They developed Gala Games into a platform that helps developers create games. The realization of Gala, by the way, they did not do alone. In fact, the Gala Games team consists of more than 80 employees.

Besides the large team, Gala is also helped by their partners. These are Bitrue, Brave, Flare, Mazer Gaming and Polygon. These companies have a lot of experience with the development of games and blockchains, and are therefore a valuable addition to Gala.

Gala Games' GALA token

Gala has its own token running on Ethereum's blockchain called GALA. This token uses the ERC20 token protocol and is a utility token. This means that the token is very important for the use and operation of the Gala Games platform.

The nodes running within the Gala ecosystem require GALA tokens to operate. They get paid in the form of GALA tokens for the work and energy they provide.

Users who play play-to-earn games (P2E) can earn GALA tokens in the games. Play-to-earn means that players can earn money by playing a game. In the game, they can earn tokens by performing certain actions, which they can later sell for euros.

Buy GALA at Coinmerce

You don't necessarily have to play a game on Gala Games to come into possession of GALA tokens. Instead, you can buy GALA at Coinmerce. At Coinmerce you can buy GALA with payment methods such as iDeal, SEPA and MyBank.

However, you are not limited to GALA. In fact, on Coinmerce's platform you can buy more than 160 cryptocurrencies. Denk aan Solana (SOL), Bitcoin (BTC) en Terra (LUNA). So you can use Coinmerce for all your crypto needs.

How can you store GALA?

GALA is stored safely and easily in Coinmerce's crypto wallet. After purchase, we move the GALA tokens directly to your personal wallet. You don't have to worry about security: we store a large part of our customers' cryptocurrencies on cold storage.

Of course, you also have the option to store your GALA tokens in your own cold wallet. To do so, you first verify the wallet address at Coinmerce, after which you quickly send GALA to your cold wallet.