What is Gifto (GFT)?

Gifto (GFT) is a digital gifting protocol that aims to compensate and monetize content creators worldwide. It operates on various content generation platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, adapting to their revenue streams primarily generated from advertising. Gifto provides a self-regulating ecosystem through virtual smart gifts executed by smart contracts on the blockchain. This allows users to buy and redeem virtual gifts for their favorite content creators, using Gifto tokens (GTO) as the primary currency on the platform.

Who Founded Gifto (GFT)?

Gifto was launched by the Asia Innovative Group (AIG), a mobile entertainment group with a global user base of over 100 million. Led by CEO Andy Tian, the team behind Gifto has extensive experience in computer science, cryptocurrency, and business development. They have contributed significant resources to develop and promote the Gifto protocol and token.

How Does Gifto (GFT) Work?

Gifto operates through a digital gifting protocol that revolves around virtual smart gifts executed by smart contracts on the blockchain. Users can purchase virtual gifts for their favorite content creators through the gift store, which holds a diverse inventory of gifts. The gift portal serves as a management system where contributors of the Gifto protocol create, curate, and manage gifts. Additionally, Gifto has developed a transactional crypto wallet that simplifies GTO transactions for users, allowing them to easily handle token transfers, trades, and redemptions on content platforms.

What Sets Gifto (GFT) Apart?

Gifto distinguishes itself by providing an innovative solution to the challenges faced by content creators in monetizing their work. By introducing virtual gifts and a self-regulating ecosystem, Gifto empowers content creators to be rewarded directly by their fans. This eliminates the dependence on advertising revenue and creates a more inclusive and sustainable model. Gifto's use of blockchain technology ensures transparency, immutability, and security for all transactions and interactions within the platform.

How Can Gifto (GFT) Be Used in the Future?

In the future, Gifto has the potential to revolutionize the way content creators are compensated. The virtual gifting protocol can be further integrated into existing platforms, expanding its reach and impact. Moreover, as blockchain technology continues to evolve, Gifto can explore additional use cases beyond gifting, such as digital collectibles and unique experiences. By fostering direct relationships between creators and fans, Gifto empowers content creators and enables fans to have a more active role in supporting their favorite creators.

Additional Information about Gifto (GFT)

Gifto's whitepaper was published in November 2017, outlining the vision and technical details of the protocol. The total supply of GTO tokens is capped at 1,000,000,000 coins. Gifto has also developed a user-friendly transactional crypto wallet, making it easy for users to manage their GTO tokens and engage with the platform seamlessly.

Can I Earn Money with Gifto (GFT)?

Users of the Gifto platform have the opportunity to earn GTO tokens by completing specific tasks on the platform. Additionally, content creators can monetize their work by receiving virtual gifts from their fans, which can be redeemed for GTO tokens. Gifto's aim is to create a more equitable and sustainable content creator ecosystem, allowing both creators and fans to benefit from their interactions.

Buying Gifto (GFT) at Coinmerce

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