What is Keep3rV1 (KP3R)?

Keep3rV1 (KP3R) is a decentralized platform designed to facilitate coordination between projects that require external development activities and those who can provide these services. The platform acts as a job board where projects can post tasks and external developers, known as Keepers, can perform these tasks through smart contracts. Keep3rV1 utilizes the Ethereum network and the KP3R token for governance and rewards.

Who founded Keep3rV1 (KP3R)?

Keep3rV1 was founded by Andre Cronje, a blockchain engineer and application developer who gained recognition after the launch of the DeFi project yearn.finance. Cronje aims to enable developers to collaborate more efficiently and facilitate external development activities.

How does Keep3rV1 (KP3R) work?

Keep3rV1 utilizes Keepers, who provide smart contracts, bots, or scripts that can execute transactions or trigger events. Projects can post tasks on the platform, and Keepers can accept and perform these tasks. The platform utilizes the KP3R token for rewards and governance. Keepers are rewarded with KP3R for completing tasks, and projects pay with KP3R to post tasks.

What sets Keep3rV1 (KP3R) apart?

Keep3rV1 sets itself apart with its decentralized approach and the use of smart contracts to facilitate interaction between projects and external developers. The platform eliminates the need for intermediaries and ensures efficient and transparent collaboration. The KP3R token is used for rewards and governance, allowing the community to have influence over the platform.

How can Keep3rV1 (KP3R) be used in the future?

In the future, Keep3rV1 can be used to further enhance coordination and collaboration between projects and external developers. The platform can be expanded with new features and integrations to meet the needs of users. Additionally, the KP3R token can play a significant role in the broader decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

Additional information about Keep3rV1 (KP3R)

- Keep3rV1 was launched in October 2020.
- The total supply of KP3R tokens is 354,093.04.
- The platform utilizes the Ethereum network and the ERC-20 token protocol.
- Keepers can earn rewards in KP3R for completing tasks.
- KP3R is used for governance and making decisions on the platform.

Can I make money with Keep3rV1 (KP3R)?

Yes, it is possible to make money with Keep3rV1 (KP3R) by performing tasks as a Keeper on the platform. Keepers are rewarded with KP3R tokens for successfully completing tasks. These tokens can then be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges or used for governance and participation in decision-making on the platform. However, earning money with Keep3rV1 requires involvement, skills, and performing tasks according to the platform's guidelines and requirements.