What is League of Kingdoms Arena (LOKA)?

League of Kingdoms Arena (LOKA) is a blockchain-based Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) strategy game where players can earn real income through in-game activities. The game allows players to build kingdoms, assemble armies, form alliances, and battle on the fields for power and wealth. LOKA supports various game modes including player-versus-player (PvP), player-versus-environment (PvE), and multiplayer (MMO).

Who founded League of Kingdoms Arena (LOKA)?

League of Kingdoms Arena (LOKA) was developed by NOD Games, a blockchain-based game development company. The game was co-founded by Chan Lee, the CEO of NOD Games, and Steve Hwang, the CTO of NOD Games. Chan Lee has a background in computer science and experience in product design and fintech. Steve Hwang is an experienced programmer and game developer who has worked at reputable companies in the game industry.

How does League of Kingdoms Arena (LOKA) work?

League of Kingdoms Arena (LOKA) utilizes blockchain technology to ensure transparency, security, and immutability of in-game assets. The game uses two tokens: LOKA and DST. LOKA is the governance token that allows holders to participate in the decision-making process, purchase in-game items, and earn profits through staking. DST is the utility token required for breeding Dragos, the dragon-like in-game characters.

What sets League of Kingdoms Arena (LOKA) apart?

League of Kingdoms Arena (LOKA) sets itself apart through its combination of blockchain technology, MMO gameplay, and a play-to-earn economy. The game utilizes ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent the pieces of land in the game. Players can own these land tokens and use them to cultivate resources, earn dividends by renting them out, and receive a portion of the project's proceeds. Additionally, LOKA aims for decentralization through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to ensure fair control and value distribution within the community.

How can League of Kingdoms Arena (LOKA) be used in the future?

In the future, League of Kingdoms Arena (LOKA) plans to release new features and updates. This includes an in-house NFT marketplace, a PvP arena, and a rewards hub for landowners. The game will continue to evolve and provide new opportunities for players to play, earn, and benefit from their efforts.

Additional information about League of Kingdoms Arena (LOKA)

The total token supply of LOKA is 500,000,000 LOKA, with the current circulating supply set at 46,243,000 LOKA. The game runs on the Ethereum blockchain with a layer 2 solution on the Polygon/Matic network to provide cheaper transaction fees and improved scalability.

Can I make money with League of Kingdoms Arena (LOKA)?

Yes, it is possible to earn money with League of Kingdoms Arena (LOKA) through in-game activities. Players can generate real income by owning land, cultivating resources, buying and selling in-game items, and participating in the game's play-to-earn economy. Owning LOKA and DST tokens can also be profitable through staking and participation in the game's governance system. The game offers players the opportunity to turn their passion for gaming into a lucrative source of income.