What is Merit Circle (MC)?

Merit Circle is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that focuses on the development of the play-to-earn world in the metaverse. Discover how this organization offers gamers the opportunity to earn money and contribute to the growth of the metaverse.

Who founded Merit Circle?

Merit Circle was founded by Marco van den Heuvel, the CEO and co-founder of the organization. He previously launched the scholarship program Axie 420, which grew into a program for hundreds of students worldwide. Together with co-founders Mark Borsten and Tommy Quite from Flow Ventures, he combined ambitions to further grow Merit Circle.

How does Merit Circle work?

Merit Circle functions as a platform that allows gamers to earn money by playing games in the metaverse. The platform not only acts as a service provider for games but also offers education and lessons to improve the quality and performance of gamers. Additionally, gamers can earn rewards and even become coaches for good performance.

What sets Merit Circle apart?

Merit Circle distinguishes itself by focusing entirely on play-to-earn gaming in the metaverse. It offers various subDAOs, each with a specific function in a play-to-earn game. This allows the mainDAO to invest in new games, develop strategies, and generate income. Additionally, Merit Circle also provides educational resources and rewards for gamers.

How can Merit Circle be used in the future?

Merit Circle aims to add value to various games in the metaverse and wants to be at the forefront of play-to-earn world innovation. By creating a platform with capital, expertise, and players, Merit Circle wants to offer gamers worldwide the opportunity to earn money and develop as gamers.

Additional information about Merit Circle

Merit Circle collaborates with various games, including Axie Infinity and Vulcan Forged. Owning the MC token gives users a voice in the future of the DAO and offers various opportunities to earn money, such as staking and receiving bonuses. Merit Circle aims to have managers worldwide who help gamers play and generate income.

Can I earn money with Merit Circle?

Yes, with Merit Circle, gamers can earn money by playing games in the metaverse. Through good performance, gamers can earn rewards and even become coaches. Additionally, Merit Circle offers various opportunities to earn money, such as token staking and gaining early access to games and NFT drops from partners.